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Our History

Village Oaks High School was established in 2015 as Lincoln Unified School District’s alternative high school. Village Oaks High School is a unique alternative high school that strives to provide all students with a quality education and prepare students for their future. Village Oaks High School serves nearly 300 students from Stockton.

Village Oaks High School staff prides itself in creating a nurturing environment. Staff develops strong positive relationships with students. Village Oaks requires all students to create a “Digital Portfolio”, a student webpage that is a compilation of students work throughout high school. All seniors are required to complete a “Post Grad Plan”(PGP). The PGP is an extensive semester long project to determine their future career and all that goes into preparing for their career and the life they would like to live. 

Our Mission, upon graduation is that students will have demonstrated knowledge of self, will have developed strong positive ties within our community, and will have begun to successfully prepare for their futures. Our entire staff works collaboratively to provide students with a valid education while working to develop students life skills.

Village Oaks High School is one of the finest Alternative High Schools in California.  In 2018, Village Oaks was recognized as a California Model High School. This prestigious award is as validating to staff as to the quality education provided to our students. Village Oaks High School also received a 6 year WASC accreditation in the spring of 2019.