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 Study Hall

Every Wednesday and Thursday,  from 2:23-3:00 P.M.
Student's with D's or F's are required to stay for Study Hall.

Study Hall begins September 11th &12th

*Any student who routinely does not attend assigned study hall is in violation of the Village Oaks Master Agreement.


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VO Back to School Night
Wednesday, September 18th 6:00-7:15 PM
Principal’s Welcome 6:00-6:10 PM
Visit the classrooms from 6:10-7:15 PM (7 min per class)
(ask your student to write their schedule below)
                                              Teacher             Room #
Period 1                ______________________________ 6:10-6:17
Period 2               ______________________________ 6:18-6:25
Period 3               ______________________________ 6:26-6:33
Period 4               ______________________________ 6:34-6:41
Period 5               ______________________________ 6:42-6:49
Period 6               ______________________________ 6:50-6:57
Period 0               ______________________________ 6:58-7:05
*For those students with a 0 period please meet after 6th period
Period 7               ______________________________ 7:06-7:13
**If your student has a 7th period at LHS please meet in the VOHS Library.
We Look Forward to Seeing You!

VO Noche de Regreso a la Escuela

Miércoles 18 de septiembre 6: 00-7: 15 PM
Bienvenida del director 6: 00-6: 10 PM
Visite las aulas de 6: 10-7: 15 PM (7 min por clase)
(pídale a su estudiante que escriba su horario a continuación)
                     Aula del                               profesor #
Periodo 1        ______________________________ 6:10-6:17
Periodo 2        ______________________________ 6:18-6:25
Periodo 3        ______________________________ 6:26-6:33
Periodo 4        ______________________________ 6:34-6:41
Periodo 5        ______________________________ 6:42-6:49
Periodo 6        ______________________________ 6:50-6:57
Periodo 0        ______________________________ 6:58-7:05
* Para aquellos estudiantes con un período 0, reúnanse después del 6 ° período
Periodo 7        ______________________________ 7:06-7:13
** Si su estudiante tiene un séptimo período en LHS, reúnanse en la Biblioteca VOHS.


Click The Link Below for the September Newsletter!
The VOHS Newsletter is Here!



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Student Technology Agreement: Click here


Principal's Message:

Village Oaks High School, located in Stockton, California, is an alternative high school program in Lincoln Unified School District. Village Oaks High is a California Model Continuation High School providing excellence in education and support for students as they prepare for high school graduation and post-secondary opportunities. 

We hope our website provides you with valuable information about the quality programs and services provided for Village Oaks High School students and their families.  

If you have any additional questions, please contact the school office: 

Email: mgrupe@lusd.net

Phone (209) 953-8740.


Joe Schallberger                                 2018 Award

Joe Schallberger




Upon graduation, Village Oaks High School students will have demonstrated knowledge of self, will have developed strong positive ties within our community, and will have begun to successfully prepare for their futures.


Here at Village Oaks High School, we strive to create a safe, inclusive, and collaborative learning environment where all students are engaged and challenged to achieve their fullest potential in both academic and social pursuits.




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